The Eastern Mediterranean Musical Heritage:

Fresh thoughts on the sounds of tradition


F r i d a y   1 0   J u n e    2 0 0 5


19:30 Official Opening


Welcoming address by Rafael DOCHAO MORENO, European Commission, Chief Administrator Barcelona Process.


Welcoming address on behalf of the MediMuses partners by Dr. Ratiba El Hefny, Director of the El Hefny Music Centre.


Brief Review by Mr Kyriakos Kalaitzides, Artistic Director of the MediMuses project


Opening of the Forum Works by General Secretary of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture Mr Christos Zaxopoulos


20:00 Concert of the Musical Ensemble EN CHORDAIS


Kyriakos Petras: violin

Kyriakos Kalaitzides: oud

Drossos Koutsokostas: singing

Alkis Zopoglou: qanun

Vaggelis Karipis: darbuka, davul

Dimitris Mistakidis: lute

Nikos Terpsiades: bedir, idiophono

Vassilis Tzortzinis: contrabass



S a t u r d a y   11   J u n e   2 0 0 5


10:00 First Session

Subject: The perception of Eastern Mediterranean Classical Traditions in the Western Media


The labels commonly used by the music media and distribution channels have tended either to approach the music of the Mediterranean from a regional perspective or else have focused on the “fusion” and “world music” dimensions of these traditions. Is a new look at Eastern Mediterranean Classical Traditions on the cards and if so, what form could it take?


·          Alain Weber, Artistic Director of the “Cite de la Musique  – Paris” : “Classical Eastern Mediterranean Music – a little known neighboring tradition ?

·          Samy Khashaba, Editor-in-Chief of Al Ahram Weekly - Cairo: “The need for greater extroversion of Arab cultural operators.

·          Ruth Jacobi, Executive Director European Music Council, Bonn "The Importance of non-Western musical traditions in the awareness of the Western European Public."

·          Fady Matar, Programme Coordinator Radio Monte Carlo, Moyen Orient, Beirut: “The Oriental and Arab music in the French Society.

·          Lambros Liavas, Professor of the Musical Department, University of Athens: Coordinator.


11:00 Discussion


11:30 Break 


12:00 Second Session

Subject: Mediterranean Music in the Educational System – Challenges and Perspectives


The MediMuses project is possibly the first collective and ecumenical attempt to formulate a history and theory of Eastern Mediterranean Musical Traditions. How could the results of the project affect the teaching of this tradition both in its “natural” environment and in western societies?


·          Nikos Sifounakis, President of the Committee for Education, and Culture of the European Parliament: “Cultural Education – challenge for a multicultural Europe” (he has been invited).

·          Christos Zaxopoulos, General Secretary of the Ministry of Culture: “National Strategy (or political) for musical heritage” (he has been invited).

·          Kamran Ince, Director of ÌÉÁÌ (Centre for advanced musical studies), Istanbul University: "Musical Education as an element of cohesion in Euromediterranean cooperation".

·          Walter Feldman, University Bar-Ilan, Jerusalem: “The history of tropical learned musical traditions of the Mediterranean as course in the Higher Education Institutions and in the superior musical faculties”.

·          Êifah Fakhouri, Director of National Music Conservatory of Jordan, General Secretary of the Music Council UNESCO, Amman: coordinator.


13:00 Discussion


13:30 Closure


18:00 Presentation of  MediMuses’ publications


Volumes for the theory and history of music in the Mediterranean:

·          Mahmoud Guettat, professor, University of Tunis


Compact Disc Series «Great Composers of the Mediterranean»:

·          Charbel Rouhana, Supervisor of Oud department, The Lebanese National Higher Conservatory, Beirut, coordinator of Sayyed Darwish compact disc.

·          Hossein Omoumi, Paris, coordinator of AbdolHasan Saba compact disc. 


Compact Disc Series «Great Mediterranean Masters»:

·          Yelda Ozgen, Istanbul, coordinator of Ihsan Ozgen compact disc

·           Sokrates Sinopoulos – Ilias Barounis, Athens, coordinator of Lambros Leontaridis compact disc


Corpus Series «Great Composers of the Mediterranean»:

·          Vassilis Tzortzinis, Athens, coordinator of Tatyos Efendi corpus.

·          Ghada Shbeir, Beirut, coordinator of Sayyed Darwish corpus.


Christos Carras, Project Manager of MediMuses project, Thessaloniki, coordinator.

Mr.Samir Siblini, Mr. Ihsan Ozgen, Mr Dariush Talai and Mr Misirli Ahmet, to whom 4 compact discs of the series «Great Mediterranean Masters» are dedicated, shall also be present.


21:00 Concert of Musical Ensembles

Bezmara (Istanbul) – Beirut Oriental Ensemble (Beirut)


Musical Ensemble Bezmara

Coordinator: Fikret Karakaya


Fikret Karakaya: kemence, cine keman

Ahmed Sahin: ney

Kemal Caba: violon

Furkan Resuloglu: tambour

Mehmet Kemiksiz: singing

Ersin Celik: singing

Didem Basar santur

Kamil Bilgin daire kundum



Beirut Oriental Ensemble

Coordinator: Charbel Rouhana


Ghada Shbeir: singing

Rima Khseish: singing

Samir Siblini: ney

Charbel Rouhana: oud

Imane Homsy: qanun

Ali Ål Khatib: rek



S u n d a y   12   J u n e    2 0 0 5


10:00 Third Session


Subject: Mediterranean Modal Music – Directions for research and practice after MediMuses


In its 42 months duration, the MediMuses project offered the opportunity to all those who are systematically involved with the music of the Eastern Mediterranean to broaden the horizons of their knowledge, to gain valuable experiences and to come into contact with a wealth of related traditions. It fostered scientific discussion, revealed artistic trends and research and contributed decisively to the study of Theory, History, Instruments and Repertoire, laying the ground for a new revival of Mediterranean Music.


How can this effort be pursued in the future and what should the focus of a new project such as MediMuses be?


·          Suleyman Erguner, Director of Musical Department  of the Turkish Radio Television, Ankara

·          Kamel Ferjani, Oud professor, Institut Supérieur de Musique, Tunis

·          Kiya Tabassian, Director of the Musical Department, Mahriz House, Tehran

·          Imane Homsy, Supervisor of the qanun Department, The Lebanese National Higher Conservatory, Beirut

·          Thomas Apostolopoulos, scientific associate En Chordais, Thessaloniki, coordinator


11:00 Discussion


11:30 Intermission 


12:00-12:30 Presentation of the future Medimuses Collaboration Network 

Perspectives of expanding the MediMuses network: future action and institutional development.


21:00 Concert of Musical Ensembles

Persian Tradition (Tehran and Esfahan) – Takht Musical de Tunis


Persian Tradition   

Hossein Omoumi: ney

Kiya Tabassian: setar

Ziya Tabassian: toubek



Takht Musical de Tunis

Coordinator: Kamel Ferjani


Kamel Ferjani: oud

Dorsaf Hemdani: singing

Slim Jaziri: qanun

Nabil Abdelmoulah: ney

Saifallah Ben Abderrazak: violin

Ridha Belgaied: darbuka

Lassaad Laadhari: rek